The Best Holiday Car Sales Events

Buying a car at a holiday sales event can save you a good amount of money. We make it easy to find and shop for vehicles at reduced prices. Here are the best holiday car sales events where you can buy a car for less. 

Presidents Day Car Sales

The third Monday in the month of February is celebrated as Presidents Day in the US. It is a federal holiday when you see car dealerships announcing special deals on cars. There are several reasons for discounts during Presidents Day car...continue reading

How to Get Your Car Ready for Cold Weather

The cold weather is coming and it calls for extra care for your vehicle.  The snow, rain and ice present challenges to drivers as well as their vehicles. Here we have presented you with a few tips on how to get your car ready for chilly weather. 

Get the Brakes Inspected 

With snow and ice on the road, you need your cars brakes to work efficiently while driving the car in cold weather. We suggest that you get the brakes inspected by a professional....continue reading

Tips and Tricks to Get Your Vehicle Ready for Tailgating Season

Football season is awesome, and everyone looks forward to it. For maximum fun, it is best to start planning in advance and prepare your car well for tailgating season. Here are some really great ways to make your vehicle tailgate ready.

Bring Games for Everyone

TVs make every tailgate better, but if you are bringing younger children with you, consider bringing kids games and things that everyone can enjoy. From corn hole to simply...continue reading

The Best Used Cars for College Students

Buying a new car is not always the best option for a college student especially if the student aims to work his/her way up to own a dream car. Having a car while in college offers independence and the ability to travel anywhere you want at any time. A used car can reduce your transportation woes and save you time and money. Here we have listed the best used cars for college students. 

2016 Ford Focus 

The 2016 Ford Focus is a compact sedan that is equipped with smart...continue reading