2020 Ford Escape

The new 2020 Ford Escape was launched in the fall of 2019, and it bagged huge sales numbers. This redesigned compact SUV is fighting head-on with its competitors. The 2020 Ford Escape comes with a lot of smart features that we will be discussing in this blog. 


Adorned with the right amount of features, the Escape is made for the modern driver. The Escape has a clean shape featuring a low grille. The roof dives in lower but thankfully does not create a floating roofline. You will...continue reading

2020 Ford F-150


The 2020 Ford F-150 is undeniably versatile. Beyond that, it is loaded with luxurious features that make the Ford F-150 a smart choice for drivers from all walks of life. While there are minimal changes in the 2020 lineup, there is still a lot to talk about.




Ford, in its new version, kept things simple, and classic. The 2020 F-150 has gone back to its curve appeal that we have all seen before. Different trims offer slightly different features, but all in all, the body stands...continue reading

Coronavirus and Cars


While social distancing remains the most effective measure in curbing the spread of Coronavirus, this protocol has undoubtedly affected people of all walks of life. While the government is doing its best to help those most in need, there are still many people throughout the country just fighting to stay afloat.


The Automotive Industry At A Loss

Like most other industries, the automotive industry is also going through a tough time. With sales dwindling and production ceasing throughout the...continue reading

At Home Test Drives

Coronavirus and Cars

Coronavirus has disrupted the everyday flow of the world. People's lives have flipped upside down due to this global pandemic. Almost every region is under the wrath of Coronavirus and suffering its consequences. It was not long ago when the virus first hit the city of Wuhan, China. As the disease spread from human to human, social distancing was the only way to stop the spread of the disease. 

Most of the countries are following the lockdown protocol to reduce the growing...continue reading

A warranty is a way for manufacturers and dealers to assure car buyers that they are making a reliable purchase. A warranty basically promises customers that, if something stops working correctly within their vehicle, the dealership will cover the costs required to make the necessary repairs or replacements. A car warranty is extremely important because it can save you a lot of money over the course of your ownership of your vehicle.


Typically, a warranty is only valid for a particular amount of time or number...continue reading