2020 Ford Ranger vs. Chevrolet Colorado


If you are looking for a vehicle that can be used for work and also for recreational purposes, you should consider a pickup truck. Ford Ranger and Chevy Colorado are two of the more popular mid-size pickup trucks offering a spacious comfortable cabin and impressive towing capabilities. Below we have presented a side-by-side comparison of both pickup trucks that will help you make the right decision.

MSRP By Trims


The Ford Company offers three trims of the Ranger pickup...continue reading

Ford F-150 vs. Cybertruck

Last year Tesla launched its first-ever pickup truck under the name Cybertruck. In the unveiling video, the company displayed a tug of war between Cyber truck and F-150. After this test went viral, the vice president of Ford suggested Elon Musk send over a Cybertruck so that it could be compared with a manufacturer approved F-150.

The company further released a statement assuring that they have nothing to prove. However, Musk responded to the tweet that Tesla would conduct another test a week...continue reading

COVID-19 Car Buying Precautions

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has had a profound impact on so many people throughout the world, and our team here at Pinnacle Ford is sending our thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by this virus. 

How Pinnacle Ford Is Responding Going Forward

These steps below will ensure a safer and healthier environment at our dealership. As always, our main goal is to ensure a healthy, happy, and safe environment at our dealership. Here are some of the steps weve taken:

What to Look for When Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car can be a rewarding process if you can find the right deal and avoid the obvious pitfalls. Applying good research and ability to inspect are the best options to land a perfect car. It can save you from costly and unwanted repairs down the road. The idea is to separate apples from the oranges using due diligence. Here are a few things that can help.

Check the Conditions on the Exterior

Visual element matters a lot in the purchase of a used car, but you can ignore minor...continue reading

How Often Should You Change Your Oil


When you own a car, changing its oil regularly is just part of the deal. Adhering to regular oil change intervals is so important because additives develop over time making the oil dirty. Dirty oil can form contaminants and sludge in the crank base of your cars engine. By sticking to the manufacturer recommended oil change schedule, you can avoid costly repairs and engine damage. Figuring out the proper oil change interval for your vehicle may not be as easy as...continue reading