2020 Ford Fusion

The 2020 Ford Fusion is redesigned to offer tremendous versatility. It comes with four engine options across its six trim levels. It boasts a bold exterior, spacious interior and overall comfortable ride. Below, we are highlighting what you can expect in the new Ford Fusion. 


The 2020 Ford Fusion has a lean and clean body for a mid-sized sedan. The sweeping roof and elegant grille are the key highlights on the exterior. With a more basic trim, the higher models offer a more refined appearance....continue reading

2020 Ford EcoSport

The 2020 Ford EcoSport is one of the smallest crossover SUVs in the market. The company has focused on designing that car for the city roads and equipped it with many prolific technologies and features. Let's discuss what you can expect to see in a 2020 Ford EcoSport. 


When it comes to the exterior, Ford has introduced minimum to no changes. In fact, the exterior is pretty much the same as we have seen so far. It comes with a tall hatchback structure complemented by short overhangs...continue reading

Used Car FAQs


Gone are the days when used cars were considered, as a whole, unreliable. Presently, people are buying used cars because of the numerous benefits and increased prevalence of reliable sellers. In this blog, we will help you get answers to the most commonly asked questions that have come our way regarding used cars.

Why have used cars become so popular?

There are many reasons behind the increasing popularity of used cars. To begin with, used cars provide individuals with the option to buy a car that caters to...continue reading

July Events to Attend Around Nicholasville, KY

Many of us have probably had to stay inside for the better part of 2020 so far due to COVID-19, but with Summer finally arriving and restrictions being pulled back in many states, there will be tons of people eager to get some fresh air and enjoy some fun activities. With Lexington, KY so close by to Nicholasville, theres always something fun to do! Below are some suggestions for fun events to attend in July. 

July 3rd & 4th - Fourth of July Festival

Celebrate...continue reading

2020 Ford Escape

The new 2020 Ford Escape was launched in the fall of 2019, and it bagged huge sales numbers. This redesigned compact SUV is fighting head-on with its competitors. The 2020 Ford Escape comes with a lot of smart features that we will be discussing in this blog. 


Adorned with the right amount of features, the Escape is made for the modern driver. The Escape has a clean shape featuring a low grille. The roof dives in lower but thankfully does not create a floating roofline. You will...continue reading