At Home Test Drives

At Home Test Drives

Coronavirus and Cars

Coronavirus has disrupted the everyday flow of the world. People's lives have flipped upside down due to this global pandemic. Almost every region is under the wrath of Coronavirus and suffering its consequences. It was not long ago when the virus first hit the city of Wuhan, China. As the disease spread from human to human, social distancing was the only way to stop the spread of the disease. 

Most of the countries are following the lockdown protocol to reduce the growing number of cases. It is evident that Coronavirus has made our lives standstill, and it certainly affected our purchase decision as well. For instance, you cannot buy a car during this time of crisis without breaching social distancing. There are plenty of factors that you need to consider while purchasing a car, and taking it for a test drive is one of the important ones. It is essential to get a test drive to ascertain the performance of the vehicle. In the time of crisis, it is quite challenging to get a test drive without visiting the store. But what if the dealers can provide you a test drive at home?

At-Home Test Drive By Pinnacle Ford

Pinnacle Ford is a credible supplier of Ford for quite a long time. They correctly understand that it is essential for customers to stay inside and follow social distancing. Hence, they have unveiled a new program named the At-Home Test Drive, where you can take your favorite car for a test drive at your home. You just need to follow some steps.

Steps You Need To Follow

Search for your car

The first step to applying for the program is to start searching for your desired car in the store's online inventory. Every store has an online inventory that lists all the available cars.

Schedule Appointment

Next, you need to schedule an appointment for your At-Home Test Drive. You need to enter all the vital details regarding your test drive, including the time, date, and location of the test drive.

Confirmation Call

After filling the test drive request, you would need to wait for the confirmation call from the store. This call will be made to confirm all the details that you have entered regarding your test drive. So make sure to be thorough with the details.

At-Home Test Drive

Once all the procedures are all complete, you can perform your At-Home Test Drive at the requested date, time, and location. The At-Home Test Drive makes it easier than ever before to try out the car you want.

The Bottom Line

Customers are not able to make their purchases due to the COVID-19 widespread. Buying a car is a significant investment that needs to be made by following all the essential steps. Taking a test drive is one such important step that you cannot ignore. Pinnacle Ford brings you a seamless way to get a test drive at home with the At-Home Test Drive. Just follow the above-mentioned steps, and you can get your desired car for a test drive.