The Best Holiday Car Sales Events

The Best Holiday Car Sales Events

Buying a car at a holiday sales event can save you a good amount of money. We make it easy to find and shop for vehicles at reduced prices. Here are the best holiday car sales events where you can buy a car for less. 

Presidents Day Car Sales

The third Monday in the month of February is celebrated as Presidents Day in the US. It is a federal holiday when you see car dealerships announcing special deals on cars. There are several reasons for discounts during Presidents Day car sales events. The three-day weekend gives customers extra time for shopping and car dealerships see it as an opportunity to push car sales and reach their end-of-month quotas. Hence, you are more likely to get deep discounts and other financial incentives during a Presidents Day car sales event.

Memorial Day Car Sales

Memorial Day in May is the unofficial start of both summer and car shopping season. Summer is an ideal time for road trips as well, and many people update their garage and buy new cars during summer. Car dealerships announce discounts on cars to attract people. Another reason for deeper discounts during Memorial Day is that new models come in the fall season, and car dealerships need to clear older inventory. 

Independence Day Car Sales

On the 4th of July, you can expect car dealerships to host Independence Day specials to draw customers in. Many car dealerships offer attractive financing options like a lower interest rate than banks and financial institutions. Before you go to grab a deal at an Independence Day sale, make sure you know what payment you can afford on a monthly basis. To avoid overpaying for the car, find out the MSRP for car models you are interested in. Be prepared to walk away if the salespeople are not willing to negotiate. 

Black Friday Car Sales

Black Friday is all about retail ad it is known as a shopping day across the world. Car dealerships also have jumped the bandwagon to claim their share of customer’s dollars. On Black Friday, you can see almost every online and offline retailer offering attractive discounts to push sales. Car dealerships also offer exciting deals on the car to move inventory. You can see car dealerships offering deep discounts on current year models that have been on dealership lots for too long. 

Labor Day Car Sales 

Labor Day, which coincides with the beginning of September, is an excellent opportunity for buying a new car. Car dealerships are willing to sell cars at lower prices to meet their monthly sales quotas. Besides lower prices, you can get low interest rates and other incentives during Labor Day car sales.

Christmas and New Year’s Eve Car Sales

Car dealerships have an annual sales target to achieve. If they are able to achieve the annual sales target set by the car manufacturer, they receive huge bonuses. Christmas and New Year’s Eve are the last two holidays for dealerships to reach their yearly goals. You will find the deepest discounts on New Year’s Eve, as it is the last day to reach their annual sales target. Hence, car dealerships don’t mind selling a car below MSRP as the bonuses offered are bigger than minor losses. 

Yes, all the holiday car sales events mentioned above are good opportunities to go car shopping, but each car sales event has a different reason and magnitude of discounts.