Annoying Car Sounds You Should Never Ignore

Annoying Car Sounds You Should Never Ignore

Cars produce an array of annoying noises. A little noise is expected when the car is in running condition. But if your vehicle starts letting out a series of annoying noises, then it is time to take a course of action soon.

One of the prime things to do when your car starts making annoying noises is to have a mechanic look at it. Other than that, always keep your ears open when you are driving and never ignore if the sounds are happening more often.

7 Sounds of Car That Should Not Be Ignored:

  1. Squealing, Grinding, and Growling Noises:

Listeners beware! If your car is of late making squealing, grinding, and growling noises, then it is time to turn your attention towards the brakes. Sometimes it is seen when the brakes fail, squeaking and squealing sounds become more common than the rest. If the problem lies with the brake pads, then also these noises are common. So, to stay safe on the road, get the brakes checked by a mechanic as soon as possible.

  1. Chirping Sounds:

Chirping sounds are indicative of a loose engine or slipping engine belt. If you constantly hear this type of sound when driving the car, then do not delay. Immediately rush your car for service to avoid any further problems.

  1. Tapping Noise:

When the valve train of your car is at fault, you can hear a constant tapping noise. This could be due to the low oil level and any other serious mechanic issues in your car. Sometimes the cars make these types of noises when there is a requirement for oil-pump replacement.

  1. Whining Noises:

Whining noises are heard when the engine runs fast or slow. These types of noises indicate a lot of different problems, including a failing water pump, steering fluid, or alternator. Whining noises are also indicative of a failing gear train and should not be ignored.

  1. Knocking Noises:

Knocking noises in cars are indicative of poor combustion. This can happen due to a lot of reasons. From the improper fuel-to-air ratio, wrong gasoline, or carbon deposits in the walls of the cylinder. In either of the cases, your car needs immediate service to help it run properly.

  1. Creaking Noises:

Creaking Noise is associated with an issue in steering or suspension. However, not every time is it the same case. Cars have a lot of other parts also which when need attention give out a creaking noise to alert the user.

  1. Hissing:

Hissing noises happen when there is a leak in the car. It can be due to the oil, coolant, or the sign of a leak in the vacuum line or manifold. Either way, if you listen to hissing sounds, then do not ignore them and get your car serviced immediately.