Ford Has Begun Manufacturing Medical Protective Equipment

Ford Has Begun Manufacturing Medical Protective Equipment


New COVID-19 cases are being identified throughout the United States every day, especially in our most heavily populated areas, like New York City. While the virus continues to spread in large cities and sparsely populated towns alike, the medical sector is experiencing some serious strain. Medical professionals are severely lacking the protective medical equipment that they need to treat COVID-19 patients. Ford is here to help make sure our healthcare heroes have the materials they need to safely combat this pandemic.


Unfortunately, the more severe cases of Coronavirus leave patients dependent on ventilators to help them breathe. With more ventilators are needed and in use across the country than ever before, a nationwide shortage has left patients and healthcare professionals from coast to coast in a dangerous situation, waiting for the supplies they need to effectively fight this virus.


Ford Coming to the Aid of the US Medical Sector


Ford has largely shut down its automotive factory production and is transitioning its efforts toward the current medical supply needs of our country. In an official statement released on Tuesday, the higher-ups at Ford revealed that they are working on manufacturing different medical devices and tools for medical workers to treat COVID-19 patients. These devices include simplified ventilators, powered air-purifying respirators, and plastic face shields. 


While the simplified ventilators are being produced in collaboration with General Electric, the powered air-purifying respirators will be manufactured in collaboration with 3M. This equipment is essential in the protection of medical staff, as the virus is confirmed to be spreading largely through airborne droplets. The manufacturing process of these air-purifying respirators will be conducted in Ford Factories. Bill Ford, the company’s executive chairman, said that by collaborating with other industry leaders, all of the companies involved can help make a big difference in the lives of all the people who are treating and fighting this virus.


Lastly, Ford is working hard to produce plastic face shields for healthcare workers throughout the country and has already sent 1,000 masks out for testing. The company could produce up to 75,000 face shields in a week at their Ford Facilities located in Michigan.


Ford is encouraging the citizens of this country and the world to follow guidelines laid out by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). This, above all else, will help flatten the curve and bring an end to this pandemic.


Thank you to all of our healthcare heroes fighting on the frontlines to keep us safe and treat those who need it.