FordPass™ FAQ

FordPass™ FAQ

Can FordPass be used for free?

FordPass is an app that customers can easily download to their smartphones, either from Apple Store or Google Play Store. Yes, this app is available for free, and it is also compatible with the Apple Watch.   

How long will FordPass remain free?

FordPass Connect is available free of cost for a period of 5 years.

How is FordPass different from FordPass Connect?

FordPass is the app which customers can download onto their phones. On the other hand, FordPass Connect is the term used to describe a modem embedded within a Ford. It is able to connect to the internet and generate LiveTraffic information, as well as offer vehicle users a Wi-Fi hotspot. The app’s functionality is enhanced by FordPass Connect, which provides remote control for certain vehicle features and enables the app to get vehicle health alerts. 

If I get stuck within my Ford, can it be unlocked with the help of FordPass?

Once you purchase a Ford, ensure that you have FordPass on your smartphone. Yes, the car can be unlocked from inside if you have this app. Select your car in the app, hold the lock or unlock button on the app’s home screen until the visible circle begins to rotate. After some time, you will receive a notification to alert you of the doors being locked or unlocked.

Which Ford vehicles available today are fitted with FordPass Connect?

Buy any of the following pre-owned vehicles and you will definitely be able to enjoy the excellent benefits of FordPass Connect:

  • 2019 Ford Mustang- GT Premium (O), GT350, EcoBoost Premium (O) 

  • 2019 Ford Fusion- SEL, SE, SEL Hybrid, Titanium Hybrid, Titanium

  • 2019 Ford Edge- ST, SE, SEL, Titanium

  • 2019 Ford F-150- Lariat, Limited, King Ranch, Raptor, Platinum, XL (O)

  • 2019 Ford Transit Connect- XL, XT, Titanium   

  • 2019 Ford Explorer- Limited, Platinum, XLT (O), Sports 

  • 2019 Ford Expedition- Platinum, Limited, XLT (O)

  • 2019 Ford Super Duty- Lariat, Platinum, King Ranch, XLT (O), XL (O) 

  • 2019 Ford Escape- SE, SL, Titanium

  • 2019 Ford Ranger- XT, SL, Lariat 

  • 2019 Ford EcoSport- Titanium, SES, SE (O)

(O)- Optional

How to add the VIN of a new vehicle?

First you have to go to the FordPass home screen and then tap on “Add Vehicle”. Locate the VIN, and if unable to find it, press on the link “Where in my VIN?” Either you can scan it using the camera or enter it manually (the VIN must be at the center of the green frame when you scan). You need to press ‘Next’ after this and wait a few seconds for confirmation. In case it is not captured correctly, enter it manually again.

How can I use FordPass to remote start my vehicle?

For this, you need to install the FordPass app and add your vehicle with the help of the VIN. Once done, you will be required to get into the app and choose Vehicle Control, which you will find an option called SYNCConnect. Activate this feature, allow it to sync with the infotainment system in your car, and then wait for 24 hours, during which Ford verifies the person using the app as the car owner. Start the vehicle with an Engine Start button after 24 hours. 

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