Lifetime Warranty

A warranty is a way for manufacturers and dealers to assure car buyers that they are making a reliable purchase. A warranty basically promises customers that, if something stops working correctly within their vehicle, the dealership will cover the costs required to make the necessary repairs or replacements. A car warranty is extremely important because it can save you a lot of money over the course of your ownership of your vehicle.


Typically, a warranty is only valid for a particular amount of time or number of miles. However, Pinnacle Ford offers its clients a Lifetime Warranty in order to ensure their buyers are covered from expensive repairs for the entirety of their ownership. In this blog, we will cover some of the main benefits of the Lifetime Warranty provided by Pinnacle Ford.


Pinnacle Ford’s Lifetime Warranty


A seamless customer experience is a key factor that can determine the success of any business. Pinnacle Ford understands that better than most dealerships and has always managed to provide its clients with a tailor-made and reliable purchasing experience. Pinnacle Ford provides a complimentary Lifetime Warranty on new and certain qualifying pre-owned vehicles. It is a standard warranty that comes without time or mileage limitations. This virtually restrictionless warranty provides customers with peace of mind about the purchase they are making.


Why Choose Pinnacle Ford’s Lifetime Warranty?


Unlimited Times and Miles

When you purchase a  vehicle with a Lifetime Warranty, you do not have to worry about any sort of expiration date related to time or miles. This warranty allows you to leverage the benefits for the entire time you own your car. 

No Hidden Costs


When most people hear “lifetime or unlimited warranty,” they often assume that they might have to pay additional money to get it. However, Pinnacle Ford provides customers with an efficient lifetime warranty as a standard perk to the car buying process.


Hassle-Free Maintenance


Considering that you are covered for the entirety of your ownership, all you have to do to maintain the validity of your warranty is adhere to the simple instructions provided by the manufacturer. Beyond that, there are no additional requirements for the owner.


Convenience is Key


Pinnacle Ford is one of the most popular and well-respected dealerships in Kentucky, however, for some buyers, the dealership may be a long trip from home. Pinnacle Ford understands this. With a Pinnacle Ford Lifetime Warranty, buyers do not necessarily have to get their vehicle repaired at the Pinnacle Ford dealership. Pinnacle Ford gives their buyers the option to decide where they want to go to service their vehicle while still reaping the benefits of the unlimited warranty, so  long as they have the proper documentation with them.


Above all else, you need a comprehensive warranty that provides you with coverage for the entire time you own your vehicle. A Lifetime Warranty from Pinnacle Ford offers you just that.