Tips to Make Your Car More Eco-Friendly

Tips to Make Your Car More Eco-Friendly

Car pollution is one of the major causes of global warming. We can reduce car pollution by making the car eco-friendly. To make things simple for you, we have offered a few tips to do just that.

Purchase Eco-Friendly Tires

Eco-friendly tires are designed to improve the fuel economy of the car by reducing tire rolling resistance and also reduce carbon emissions. If the tires of the car are in good condition, check and maintain recommended tire pressure. Under-inflated tires experience higher rolling resistance that also increases fuel consumption and emissions. Make sure the tires are properly inflated. 

Use Air-Conditioner Less

Avoid using the air-conditioning system unless you have to. Using the AC puts a load on the electrical system of the car that requires the engine to work hard by burning more fuel. You can consider rolling down windows on short trips. The use of the air-conditioning system can reduce the fuel economy of a traditional car by 25% or more. Always park the car in the shade when the sun is shining bright in the sky. This will prevent heating of the car and the air conditioner does not have to work hard to cool the cabin. 

Keep up With Routine Maintenance 

Routine maintenance can help maintain a good fuel economy. Timely oil changes will ensure the engine works smoothly which lowers fuel consumption. Also, routine maintenance allows you to inspect and replace failing components before they do the damage like a reduced fuel economy. For example, a faulty oxygen sensor can reduce the fuel economy of your car by as much as 40%. 

Keep the Car Lightweight

The car manufacturer used advanced materials and manufacturing techniques to reduce the overall weight of the car. Many people use the car trunk as a storage unit and have several unwanted things just lying inside the trunk. All these unwanted items increase the weight of the car and that leads to reduced fuel economy. You need to remove the junk from the trunk and keep the car lightweight to improve fuel economy.

Maintain Radiator 

In modern cars, everything is controlled by a computer. If the radiator is not well-maintained (not enough coolant or leaking), it will cause the engine to overheat that will reduce fuel economy. If you are driving a 90’s car, you could see 2-3 miles per gallon difference due to the bad condition of the radiator. 

Fix the Fuel System

The fuel system has many components like fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel injectors, and fuel lines that need to be in good condition. If any component of the fuel system is broken, it will cause a drop in fuel efficiency. If the fuel filter is clogged, it will affect acceleration and therefore, the fuel economy itself. If the fuel lines are leaking, precious fuel will drip on the road which is wastage of fuel. 

As a responsible earthling, it is the duty of every car owner to make their car eco-friendly. The tips shared in the post works on both fronts - they reduce carbon emissions and increase mileage that helps the environment in a big way.